What is Fairytale Script????

My friend Karen & I were looking for our newest adventure. Karen was already very skilled at creating this style of painting and I was in the early learning stages of how to paint this unique style of painting. And we decided expand this art and join in on a few craft/art shows in the fall of 2016.

We paint on-site at events, parties and at the farmers market. We take a popular character or princess and create custom character art. We also take that character and create fun bookmarks for the reader to enjoy. 

​​Fairytale Script

Custom Character Art

Single character art can be painted on site at your event.

We have over 40 + characters we can paint at your event.

We can also pre-paint a batch to match the theme of your event for you to give to your guest as a fun favor that will last for years to come...

​Below is just a sample of just a few characters we can paint at your event

We paint on site at your event....

​Single character names or bookmarks

​Idea:           Great favor idea for your guest vs the goodie bag.


Mello Art Studios