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Sudzy Fizzy Cupcakes

​More to come, working on new products.....

Shower steamers, bath truffles, lotion bars just to name a few

Bubble Bars: 

from left to right... back to front...

Berries & Cream, Love Spell, It's Fall, Y'all, Fruit Loops

Cucumber Melon, Peach Bellini, Cotton Candy (blue or pink)

More Soaps coming soon


Bubble Bars

Talk about getting your monies worth with this product. 

Break this product into 1/3's and enjoy 3 super bubble baths. 

How to use: hold under running water, agitate by rubbing on the bar to produce bubbles. After you are in the tub, splash more to get even more bubbles.

by the time the bath was ready for me to hop in the tub the bubble layer was about 18" high, this was a fast video for Instagram #melloartstudios

Bath Bombs

We make awesome bath bombs.

Place in your tub and enjoy our fizzy, sudzy goodness (about 10 mins of fizzies). Your skin comes out of your bath, soft and silky.

One of my favorite products to use.

Bath   Products

Bath 1 Pop of the top (icing) and you have a bubble bar

Bath 2 Take off paper from the bottom and you have an awesome bath bomb

Photos of our artisan soaps

Mello Art studios, soapy bath treats, handcrafted soaps. artisan soaps

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Soapy Bath Treats

Photo above left to right

Fruit Loops, Lovely Lavender, Pure Seduction, Victorian Rose, Daisy Dreamgirl, Peach Bellini.

The smaller bombs are for give aways with purchases and for gift baskets.

2 baths in 1

Handcrafted artisan soaps made in Las Vegas, NV.

After a 13 year break from soap & candle making, I have returned back into soaping again and wow so many new fun techniques to create beautiful soaps and other products.

Our soaps are made with the quality products, colorants, and fragrances. They are soft and silky for your skin. Our soaps take 4-6 weeks to cure. 

We also creat fun bath bombs, bubble bars, shower steamers and more.

You can purchase our soaps and other bath products on our Etsy page. Click on the heart below to see our Etsy page.

More Soaps coming soon